Overhead Line Training

The list below represents a selection of the training we can deliver, it is important to note that any of the courses can be tailored to suit the individual policies and practices of your company. If the training you are looking for is not listed below, then please contact us as we have the capability and experience to meet almost any of your training needs.

Overhead Line appreciation for engineers and managers - A 5 day course to give engineers and managers with responsibility for overhead line works an in-depth working knowledge of the distribution system as well as the relevant construction and maintenance techniques.

Overhead Line patrolling - A 1 day course to give delegates instruction in the systems and techniques used in the inspection of overhead line distribution systems.

Overhead Line appreciation - A 1 day course to give delegates new to the industry a basic appreciation of overhead line work and systems

Low voltage service terminations and testing - A 2 day course aimed at providing theoretical and practical training to delegates responsible for LV connections and testing on the low voltage network.

Low voltage open wire live line working - A 3 day course designed to train delegates on the techniques and systems used for working live on the low voltage network; this is a practical course which includes assessments on a protected, live low voltage line.

Live line pole erection - A 2 day course designed to train delegates in the techniques and safety requirements for erecting poles in between live conductors, primarily through the use of mechanical means (e.g. Strimech)

High structures rescue techniques - A 1 day course designed to give the delegates the necessary skills needed to carry out emergency pole or tower rescue techniques when working on the electricity network.

Craft attendant course – Overhead Lines - A 6 week course designed to give delegates skills and in depth knowledge of the distribution system from low voltage through to 33kv and enable them to carry out the duties of a linesman’s mate.

Overhead craft attendant conversion course A 5 day course to enable existing Linesman’s mates to progress to the full duties and responsibilities of a linesman.

Electrical Safety Refresher - A 1 day course designed to update line staff on recent new practices as well as legal requirements, company policies and safe working procedures.

Appreciation of electricity distribution and basic electrical theory - A 1 day course designed to give delegates a basic overview and understanding of the working methods, plant and equipment used to construct distribution systems.

ABC live working techniques - A 2 day course designed to enable existing line staff to carry out live working procedures safely and competently on the low voltage ABC network. This includes practical assessments to ensure competency.

Low voltage ABC construction and maintenance - A 3 day course to enable staff to construct and maintain low voltage ABC systems, including all aspects of service work and main line work.

11KV covered conductor construction and maintenance - A 2 day course designed to enable staff to construct and maintain covered conductor systems to a high standard.

Safe access to high structures - A 1 day course designed to give delegates an in depth knowledge of the legal requirements and safe working practices for working at height, including practical use of fall arrest systems.

Overhead Line Apprenticeship

Who is it for?

People who wish to start a career as overhead linesmen and are motivated to work hard to become valuable members of the utility workforce. Apprentice should have a good head for heights and have a highly developed sense of responsibility. All apprentices will need to attend an assessment interview at the training provider location. At the assessment and interview candidates will be required to complete a skills learning exercise, a key skills assessment and an interview. Once the applicant has gone through this process we will let the applicant and employer know if they are acceptable.

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